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Luu Sky Sapphire Reviews Mai HiME EXA Chapter 3 and 4

Welcome readers! Here's my reviews of Mai-HIME EXA Chapter 3 and 4

Chapter 3: The struggle intensifies!

Kicking things off with a little ShizNat! Being worried about Natsuki, and probably knowing she has some sort of hidden agenda, Shizuru is left confused and alone. We quickly cut to where we left off in chapter 2, with Natsuki and Mai having their confrontation. A randomly placed panty shot soon follows XD. Natsuki makes it clear once again to Mai (as if we didn't know already...) that Takumi will die if her Child is defeated just like Akane was. Being told "you killed him" isn't something you want to hear. In the middle of the chapter, we are shown a flashback with her mother. It seems Natsuki is making the ritual of the HiME very clear to Mai, forcing her to decide between losing and protecting her most important person. With Kagutsuchi not doing so hot (must be Sunrise's counter to all the "Mary-Sue pet" claims), Natsuki orders Duran to fire directly into it's head. Uh oh...

This chapter didn't really advance the story aside from the quick flashback of Natsuki's past. It was just Natsuki giving Mai more warning and making an example out of Kagutsuchi. EXA Natsuki is one serious babe. The real highlight of this chapter for me (aside from our short ShizNat moment), is the battle art. It's absolutely stunning to see Duran and Kagutsuchi look so fierce and the action scenes are a visual marvel to behold. XD I'm still not used to Shizuru looking so young, btw. Kouteiryuu made her look more vulnerable...hard to explain.

Chapter 4: Kagutsuchi is defeated...!?

...psych. Natsuki didn't finish off Kagutsuchi, firing only a blank shot. These continued warnings towards Mai pressure her to protect Takumi. Ensuring his survival. Soon after, Mikoto arrives on the scene and almost dices Mai. So pleased with Mai's helpful ways, Mikoto declares her a big sister! *raises fist in the air* SO SHE CAN PROTECT HER! whee!

The next day, Mikoto runs into Mai again at her restaurant job. Midori wonders about her, even asking if she could be Mai's little sister. As if. Food isn't safe from Mikoto, eating everything in sight while Mai works. Pre-tty annoying for poor Mai who took her job too seriously. To help get her mind off work, Midori brought up an open invitation to the Tamayura Festival. Midori's vast history knowledge explains the event as a maiden's sacrifice ordered by the ruthless Obsidian Prince. Fear and folklore, perhaps? Not to Mai, it all sounded too familiar.

Later on, Midori runs into an unexpected visitor. Who defeats her and Gakutenou rather quickly, in hopes of protecting a certain princess of ice.

Better. Much better. It's not just [spoiler]Shizuru's arrival[/spoiler] either, we're treated to Mai understanding a little more about what the HiME are all about. So it'll be interesting to see where they take her with this. It was also nice to see some humor with Mikoto going around with her health appetite, I was worried it would get too serious like the Festival/Carnival arc in the anime. Maintaining that balance helps get the viewer distracted. Not expecting the unexpected. It happens to me with Midori and her confrontation near the end. My only nitpick is the contest was over in the blink of an eye. Very disappointed considering it was a dream match of mine. If it continues like this, then perhaps the ShizNat fans have spoken! ;) You'll see.

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