Friday, July 9, 2010

My review for Mai-HiME EXA Chapter 2!

Oh Akane, why does this always happen to you? Picking up from Akane's early defeat (again. Come on now, she's not hard to write for! >_> Bungholes.), the buzz surrounding her and Kazuya spreads all over Fuuka Academy. I believe all blame can be placed on the shoulders of the queen of gossip, Chie Harada. ^_^ Mai is called into the Student Council room to be interrogated by loud mouth Haruka. It is here that we get a nice introduction by our very own Shizuru Fujino. Luckily Mai's straightness didn't budge. ;p With an investigation under way (with no proof of Mai's involvement), Mai continues her day with more Chie gossip and work. Oh Midori-chan, why must you be lie about your age...again. XD So Mai heads back home and feeds a starving Mikoto once again. Mikoto disappears again with Mai searching for her. Did I mention we get a nice Mai panty shot in the garden scene? :3 There she meets Reito Kanzaki again, our suspicious playboy. Natsuki shows up and stalks Mai, nagging some more about being a HiME. Only this time, Natsuki decides to put Mai's skills to the test. Enter Duran out Mai!!! It's a cliffhanger!!!

Seeing Mai get questioned in the Student Council room brought back memories of the 2nd episode of the Mai-HiME anime. Kouteiryuu really seems to love Mai Tokiha, paying close attention to detail every time there's a close up of her face. Such cuteness, like whenever she's around Reito. The extra blushy Mai of EXA still looks younger than she should be, which kinda throws me off at times. XD Moe girls are not my cup of tea. I have to say that Shizuru's introduction was a beautifully drawn shot, her face is so pretty doncha think? X3

Overall, I enjoyed Chapter 2 regardless of being riddled with tons of deja vu-ness from the anime. I'll be back with my reviews of both Chapter 3 and 4. ^_~

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