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An interview with Luu Sky Sapphire by Camila

Konnichiwa!! Fellow readers. My name is Camila. It wasn’t long ago that Luu asked me to write an interview for him. To Question him about the Hime forum that he created. The forum that has gained a lot of popularity as of late, and has an on going loyal hime fan base showing up constantly. Many of who decided to find other’s who shared the same likes, opinions and even same character influences.

Before I start with Luu’s questions. I’d first like to thank Luu for having such wonderful courtesy to ask me if I wanted to do this. And also letting me have the opportunity to even put my art work on his wonderful website/ forum.

Anyways, I’m making this sound like it’s a special Oscar ceremony. We should get started, on with the questions! For time waits for no one!

Q: What encouraged to start the Shiznat webs/ and Multi-verse forum?
A: Back in March, I started a Mai-HiME/Otome thread on a forum I used to visit. It was perfect timing, since Mai-HiME was on my rewatch list. Watching it again in it’s entirety, I fell back in love with the characters, especially Natsuki and Shizuru. It’s like revisiting old friends. Inspired by their story, I was urged to create a website focused on ShizNat (ShizuNatsu), just to celebrate their presence. Mai-Multiverse was born a different way. I had a forum for ShizNat Webs, but it was just a generic dull forum that came with the website package. After a few members joined, I’ve gotten many requests to expand the website into a more general Mai-HiME/Otome sanctuary. I found a great forum service that was easier to work with and the next thing I know, I’m surrounded by the greatest fans in the world.

Q: Are there any certain people, or a certain person that has kept your motivation going for the Shiznat Webs/ and Multi-verse forum?
A: In the beginning, it was me, myself, and I. After both websites starting to breathe life, the fans gave me greater motivation. I didn't care if I had 1,000+ members or just 2. As long as someone is devoting his or her time to supporting this series, the websites continue to evolve.

Q: Out of all the Hime’s and Otome character’s to be influenced with. Why Shizuru and Natsuki? Was it any specific reason that these two wonderful characters called out to you?
A: Shizuru and Natsuki had a major history together. People should wonder why Natsuki, secretive as she was, would trust and request help from this beautiful crimson eyed girl. Their ordeal in the second half of the series (known to fans as the "Carnival" arc or "Festival arc") made all the difference.

In short, love and understanding overcame their hardship. In a world that doesn’t give second chances, Natsuki gave Shizuru hers.

Q: Before starting the Shiznat webs/ and Multi-verse forum, was there any other anime in line as an option that you might have wanted to start a website for? And if so, Why did you change your mind?
A: I’ve always wanted to do a Bee Train forum to celebrate the anime series Noir and Madlax at the time. That idea was sort of shelved for the longest time. There’s already a very well established Bee Train board out there, so it’s in good hands until someone can do better.

Q: What started this liking to the Hime and Otome character’s and the series itself?
A: Sailor Moon was always my favorite anime/manga series growing up and still is. Years after finishing Sailor Stars (the final arc), I’ve been searching desperately for the best big thing in magical girls or any team of super powered girls in general. The early-mid 2000s saw the rise of “Sailor Moon” clones and replacements like Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H., Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, and a few others I can’t remember. They were all good, but didn’t quite have the same magic Sailor Moon had. I’d say Mai-HiME/Otome captured the romance, adventure and drama that I’ve seen in Sailor Moon and made it work for the modern audience. The Mai-Series as a whole focuses on character relationships. These colorful characters go through trial and triumph in rotating fashion, which makes us relate to them.

Q: Who introduced you to the Hime series? Or was this found on your own?
A: I found Mai-HiME on my own, downloading the first episode on Anime Suki in the mid-2000s. Before downloading the series, I have seen various promotional ads for Mai-HiME. The following image of Mai Tokiha In her “Supergirl” pose, was the first time I ran into any Mai-Series related:

It was featured in the current issue of NewType magazine at that time. My curiosity sparked from there...Fufufu.

Now, we go off to find out more about Luu’s liking’s and opinions to this series.

Q: Between Shizuru and Natsuki, which of these two do you find yourself relating to most?
A: I related more to Natsuki as a person. I find myself to be very stubborn like her, unable to trust people easily. It comes from a history of overcoming real life adversity, without having much of a peaceful lifestyle. This was many years ago, I’m living more of a Post-Episode 26 life now with my dream job, friends and girlfriend. Shizuru I can only relate to in one way, she and I are passionate about who we love.

Q: Which do you prefer best: Mai-Hime or Otome? And Why?
A: Mai-Otome by a long shot. It’s an unpopular choice in the eyes of the Mai-HiME/Otome public. I think most of the dislike for Mai-Otome stems from comparison with Mai-HiME, and how it distanced itself away from the HiME story. Mai-Otome is a more fantasy filled adventure, with it’s idealistic heroine (Arika Yumemiya) fighting to save not only her friends, but the entire planet from evil. Sounds simple enough right? Well, that’s just the start. SUNRISE put more effort into Mai-Otome by giving it a richer history (that isn’t full explored yet…) and a much larger cast of characters, most of them are carry-overs from Mai-HiME, now in brand new roles. Not to minimize Mai-HiME at all, character-wise it’s ahead of Mai-Otome. My only problem is that things started to get strong in the second half of the series, and lost all momentum with it’s less-than-perfect final battle against the Obsidian Lord. If you’ve seen Mai-Otome S.ifr, you’d notice there’s a possible connection between the two series.

Q: Other than Shizuru and Natsuki, is there any character in the Hime and Otome series that you like?
A: Arika Yumemiya as I mentioned is my favorite character from Mai-Otome. She’s like the unofficial love child of Sailor Moon and Luke Skywalker. She’s a ditz yet learned fast, is naturally strong and is the off-spring of a very important figure. She’s basically one of those “Chosen One” characters, but very lovable. In Mai-HiME, I always felt Yukariko Sanada was a great character with little screen time. The nun types in anime tend to be uninteresting. Yukariko was different, I think of her as my own Natsuki. She fun to tease and she’s beautiful. Her strong point is being a lot less predictable as character compared to the others. After all, nobody suspects The Nun. haha!

Q: If sunrise came to you and gave you the option to continue Hime series. Would you accept? And how would you change the series, or make it better?
A: Wouldn’t that be something? *laughs* If SUNRISE came to me with such a proposal, I would quickly accept. It’s a golden opportunity to give the anime Mai-Series more depth by filling in the empty gaps that it’s current storylines have left behind. Natsuki no Prelude in anime form, the events leading up to Lena Sayers’ demise, Shizuru and Natsuki in their early years at Garderobe, a storyline surrounding Mai-Hime era Arika and Erstin, the list goes on. Making it better depends on what I have to work with. So far it’s safe to say that the HiME Rangers will be a more organized team under my supervision. I always felt their team up momentum was lost as soon as Nagi issued the Festival and it never recovered, even with the OL battle.

Q: Do you think there might have been some things that could have been changed or added in the Hime or Otome series?
A: Only one. MORE SHIZNAT! *laughs*

ShizNat do not make the Mai-Series, but they’re one Hell of an attraction.

Q: Closing comments for the fanbase?

I love our fandom, it’s my pleasure to do what I can for you out there. I’d like to think of my own circle of fans at ShizNat Webs/Mai-Multiverse as not just fans looking for information, but also entertainment. One of the reasons my websites were made, is to fulfill your needs and give you some extra to look forward to.

My fellow members at Mai-Multiverse have to be the single greatest fans I’ve ever met. It’s great to assemble multiple fans inside one community who celebrate this huge Multiverse of anime/manga series.

We do not just grow on trees, we are not a dime a dozen. It’s an honor to have all these die-hard fans, authors, and artists bring something new and innovative to our round table. I hope that our supporters just keep on enjoying the Mai-Series and all our fun projects, and keep screaming for more.

Swimsuit [Shiznat Doujin_English]

Group Translating: Mai-Multiverse
Translation: Midori Sugiura99
Editing: Krystal of Nol

Second release of our Shizuru Fujino/Viola and Natsuki Kuga/Kruger doujinshi is Swimsuit. The perfect doujin to heat up your winters. ^_~

NOTE: Mature content!

To download the English or the Spanish version. Visit this page at Mai-Multiverse Forum:

Swimsuit [Shiznat Doujin_English]

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Wink [Shiznat Doujin_English]

Group Translating: Mai-Multiverse

First release of our Shizuru Fujino/Viola and Natsuki Kuga/Kruger doujinshi is Wink, one of the cutest and shortest shiznat doujin I've ever seen. o_o;

To download the English or the Spanish version. Click below:

Wink English [Shiznat Doujin]
Wink Spanish [ShizNat Doujin]