Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with the voice actress of Mikoto Minagi

Ai Shimizu

At first, I was really lost trying to do such a wild, boyish voice -- I had to be careful to make my voice low enough. Mikoto's so active and cute. She sure is sharp to fight and move like that. (~_~) plus, she fights for herself instead of yelling, "Kagutsuchi!" and stuff. I worried about bringing out the charisma of such a strong, serious fighter.

Mikoto likes cats, eating, sleeping, and big breasts. Hey, small's good too. (~_~) can't copy the hair, though; how does she do it? (~_~) She might be like me in how she asks about things she doesn't understand.

I feel that Mikoto's close-ups are more innocent in the manga than the anime. The anime's unfolding mystery was fun, but the manga's scenarios are interesting and action-packed. I especially love Haruka and Yukino's relationship. I think it came off well in the manga, too.

Reading My-Hime isn't enough, so go for the anime, the figures, and radio and become a "My-HiME, PH.D," (~_~)


Extensive work as TV and radio VA and singer such a Deraka ono in "Onegai Twins," Ren in "DearS," and drop in gag colors studio's "Croquette."


The over-the-top innocence of Mikoto couldn't of been brought to life without Ai Shimizu. Her performance is amazing, especially in fights scenes where she unleashes the most intense foley ever heard in anime. To those who don't know, foley is non-speaking sound effects performed by voice actors. This includes grunting, heavy breathing, moaning, coughing, sighing, laughing, etc. Watch the V/A extra in the seventh DVD volume of Noir, they'll explain it in better detail. ^_~ Anyway, Mikoto's emotional scenes, like when she broke down while eating Fumi's eating (Nobody likes your ramen, Fumi. lol). Those are the kind of scenes where Shimizu-san really makes us feel for Mikoto's character.

P.S. Don't worry, Shimizu-san. We love small boobs too. :3

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