Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Toilet": A ShizNat doujinshi

"Toilet": A ShizNat (Shizuru x Natsuki) doujinshi


Toilet [Megaupload]

Toilet [Mediafire]

Translation: Midori Sugiura99
Editing: Krystal of Nol
Group translating: Mai Multiverse

Spanish/Español version: ShizNat doujin "Toilet"
Traducción y Edición: Krystal of Nol

"Toilet" [Mediafire]

"Toilet" [Megaupload]

Ah, bathroom sex. It brings back memories. <3 Watch as the most popular Mai-Series couple goes for a daring rendezvous in a bathroom stall. Much to Natsuki's bitchy uneasiness. ;p Enjoy!