Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mai-HiME The Abridged Series

Hop on ma roller coaster!

These words echo through my mind every time my good friend Kara (MirokuSangoRule on You Tube) is around. It is the lyrics found in Mai-HiME The Abridged Series. Starting in late 2009, it's a renegade Mai-HiME anime parody/spoof/whatever you wanna call it. In similar fashion to Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged Series, Kara and her cast utilize their respective characters in a very wacky and disturbing manner. It's all done so well and the timing on the jokes is usually perfect. There are times when it sounds like they're very laid back during recording, yet it works in their favor. For the humor is so randomly outrageous. GothicPeach23 who I first heared play Shizuru in episode 2 said the word "harvest" in a most creepy fashion. XD

I think the most important element the MHA cast does is really exploit how ridiculous Mai HiME can be. Yes, we love the series to death and the best way to show your love is by poking fun at it. Since they're still in the Orphan arc, the typical monster-of-the-day episodes are easy targets. Most of them involve comedy and fanservice, which makes me wonder how they'll do the oh-so-serious Carnival arc. XD It'll be a while before that happens.

Possibly the best joke in the ENTIRE series: Episode 2, when Natsuki encounters Nagi outside of Fuuka Academy.

Nagi: You're no fun, that's why you have no friends.

Natsuki: I do!

Nagi: Lesbian rapists don't count.

XD OWN3D! Did I mention ScaryPotatoChips123's performance is strikingly similar to Graham Ko's Nagi from Bandai Entertainment's dub? O_O;

There has been backlash for the Abridged Series, the complaints mostly involve the cries of "too much cursing!". IMO, there's a when and where for swearing. It belongs in the Mai HiME Abridged world because it fits and compliments the overall "attitude" of the show. It's in your face and not taken seriously like a good comedy show should be.

They've recently begun, but they've made an entire planet laugh with their antics. Don't think they're doing this for no reason, the cast members I've met know their stuff and really love Mai HiME and Otome. Like I said, the best way to enjoy something you love is poking fun at it. There's a time and a place to discuss the series in a serious manner. When you're in Kara's upside down world of lesbians, mentally challenged sword wielders and fat teachers who love R. Kelly, prepare to be entertained.

Begin your twisted journey with Episode 1.

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