Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with Noto Mamiko, the voice of Yukino Kikukawa

Voice actress for Yukino Kikukawa

Noto Mamiko

It's nice to have someone special. If there's one person in "My-HiME" I think that really applies to, it is certainly Yukino.

Yukino and Haruka seems like one person split in two. Even though they don't come off as girlfriends, I feel as though Yukino is always doing things for her precious Haruka.

She's gentle, clingy, timid...but even so, she's fighting to protect the person most dear to her.

I often wonder how scared she must be. losing someone who is as large a part of her as Haruka is would be much harder on a scared girl like her, which only deepens the bonds between them.

I find that aspect charming. I'm a little jealous, even...

Yukino's delicate, but there's still much that is strong inside her.

Though the story is much different in the manga, Yukino is still right there by Haruka's side.

I pray that no matter where those two go, they shall always remain together.


Broad work as a VA and in commercials and radio. main roles: Shimako Toudou in "Maria-sama is watching," Nina in "Monster" and Moa in "Sgt. Frog."