Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEW YURI DOUJIN RELEASE - "A Lily Kisses A Rose" [Rosalie Claudel x Laura Bianchi] English translation!

Mai-Otome "A Lily Kisses A Rose" doujinshi
Translation: ragdoll (
Editing: depression76
Couple: Rosalie Claudel and Laura Bianchi
Universe: Mai-Otome

Our eighth release is now available! In this chapter, we move away from the A-listers of Mai-Otome and focus on the lesser-known Otome for a change! Rosalie Claudel of Florince and Laura Bianchi of Lutesia Remus are about to indulge in negotiations of their own...fufufu.

"Mai Multiverse: Entertaining ourselves while you watch."
- Luu Sky Sapphire