Friday, June 11, 2010

My review of Mai-HiME EXA Chapter 1

I recently reviewed the first chapter of Mai-HiME EXA, which you can download in English translation at Mai-Multiverse:

Editing: Luu Sky Sapphire
English Translation: Midori "Vicky" Sugiura

Here is my review of Mai-HIME EXA Chapter one:

After an interesting prelude, we're introduced to main heroine Mai Tokiha. Looking much better and happier than she did in the original manga. There's no boat scene this time, which is a good change from the anime (you can't capture that awesome debut battle between Mikoto and Natsuki again, it's impossible). Instead, we get Mai (and a beautiful pantsu shot) already at Fuka Academy. Natsuki makes her appearance early to talk riddles about the HiME star. Did I see Shizuru staring at our ice-princess? ^_~

Mai takes it upon herself to tour the school, and eventually bumps into Reito Kanzaki (resident bishonen and soon-to-be Obsidian Lord, no da.) We get one of those cliche "awkward" moments, with more pantsu shots for the taking. ^_^ Yum. Once Mai reaches her classroom, she makes her introduction and Midori makes her random appearance as well.

As Mai heads home from school, she bumps into Hari (Akane's Child) with Mikoto arriving at the scene...accidentally locking lips with Mai. Brief, but a much better moment than the CPR scene from the anime. Hari makes a getaway and Mikoto suddenly guessed it...hungry. BAM! Her face lands right in-between Mai's melons. Ahh, those classic moments return. Mai and Mikoto spend some time together (the gratuitous bath scene, every Mai incarnation would be naked without them. Again, no pun intended.) The fanservice ends when Hari returns with Mikoto chasing after him again. Akane Higurashi attacks Mikoto, looking freaked out, repeating Kazuya's name. The most important person.

In the middle of the battle, Mai's powers awaken. Kagutsuchi makes the scene! Sorry Akane, looks like her horse is bigger than your horse. Sadly, my rantings of Akane being overlooked didn't reach the atmosphere, as Akane is defeated once again. Kazu...

Overall thoughts:

Mai-HiME EXA feels familiar, but that's the idea. As much as I loved Sato Kenetsu's more powerful artwork for the characters, Kouteiryuu's art is cuter and just right. It's nice to see Mikoto and Akane tangle as well. ^_~ I'll be reviewing chapter two soon, so watch for that!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mai-HiME EXA Manga translated in English!

Chapter 1 and 2 of new Mai-HIME Manga/Comic (Mai-HiME EXA) has been translated for your reading pleasure! ^_~ Here's the trailer as a sneak peek:

You can download both chapters at:

Mai-Multiverse Forum


Editing - Luu Sky Sapphire (me)
Translation - Midori "Vicky" Sugiura