Friday, September 24, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with Ryouka Yuzuki, the voice of Haruka Suzushiro

Ryouka Yuzuki

Haruka looks serious as a bit hysterical, but I really like how she tries her best, even if she looks kind of baka doing it "Her Way" when everyone's serious in a fight. (^_^) And she cries when it gets to the bitter, bitter end. I think she'd make a great cheerleader, giving everyone that never-say-die spirit.

I'm like her in the way she needs 5 or 10 tries what others do in three and saying, "Gotta keep going!" I don't have the guts for leadership like Haruka though. (^_^)

Haruka seems powerful in the manga, maybe because she has battle scenes. I like how the manga battles are totally different from those in the anime, too. Honestly, when no one knew who was a HiME in the TV show, manga fans were writing me saying "Haruka's a HiME, too" and I was like "Oh really!" I told the producers and they said they knew! I figured "She seems like a clueless airhead Enforcement Head but, she's actually a really cool HiME!" Well, not precisely...(^_^)

It's easy to imagine the voices when you've seen both the anime and manga, so see both and imagine my voice as Haruka's, okay? (^_^)


Roles include Li-Mei Fong in "Angel Links,"Marie in Sister Princess," Black Widow in "Beast Wars," and Minagi Tohno in "AIR."

My thoughts:

I love Ryouka-sama's performance as Haruka. She brings out that cute yet assertive toughness in Haruka. Underneath Haruka tough exterior lies the heart of a caring person. She is over the top and very rude, but she does take her role as executive director seriously. Everyone has something they're passionate about, you can't dislike Haruka for that! Her relationship with Yukino is where the character truly shines, it's where we see the REAL Haruka under that hard exterior. I believe Ryouka Yuzuki captured everything about the character perfectly. Guts baby. GUTS.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Natsuki no Prelude 2010

The story about everybody's favorite blunette doesn't just limit itself to the Mai-HiME anime series.

Natsuki no Prelude is about events that made the Kuga. And the Kuga who became a legend.

All new translation from our very own Midori Sugiura99 from Mai-Multiverse Forum. Only on ShizNat Webs. Anyone out there wanna translate Natsuki no Prelude in any language except for English and have it added to our page, you're more than welcome! Contact me here or by email:

For you English readers:

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