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Exclusive Interview with Caitlynne Medrek. English voice actress for Mikoto Minagi

MM = Mai-Multiverse
CM = Caitlynne Medrek

MM: CAKE! RAMEN! MAI'S BOOBS! These are part of a shopping list that belongs the ever-hungry Mikoto Minagi. The woman who brought this thimble full of cat nip to life in the English dub is with us today. Caitlynne Medrek filled the roles of Mikoto Minagi in Mai-HiME and Cat Goddess Mikoto in Mai-Otome. We have her with us today, thank you for joining us!

MM: How did you get started in voice acting?

CM: Hey guys! Thanks for having me! I got started through a friend who had been doing some voice work. He was a fellow young actor, and he recommended I audition for the studio! I auditioned... and from that went on to book the role of PAN in DBGT, and later Mai-HiME!!

MM: What was it like voicing your first ever cartoon/anime character?

CM: It was AWESOME! I got to miss a LOT of school! My mom would come pick me up from school in the middle of the day so I could go record, and who doesn't love that! I remember a lot of mornings in the cozy studio, feeling right at home! The sound engineers were so much fun, watching the cartoon as I voiced the character was unexpected, but really awesome! I loved having something to watch as I acted! I also expected to be in a room recording with other actors, but I learned that dubbing is done individually so in most my sessions it was just me!

MM: Did you ever appear on camera for any live action shows? Oh wait, I forgot. You are not an just play one in the movies.

CM: Haha! You're right! And yes! I do. Please check out
oh! and

MM: What were your most fond memories of working in any recording studio?

CM: My most fond memories were the people! Everyone that worked at that studio was so wonderful. I started voice work in grade 7, so I kind of grew up with the people who worked at the studio, and they were great people. In terms of the work, the range of characters I got to play! These shows opened up an entire new world for me! I had no idea awesome shows like Mai-HiME even existed before I started!

MM: What was the casting call and audition like for you when My-HiME surfaced?

CM: From what I remember it was pretty usual! I got the audition scene before hand, rehearsed, and then went into the studio by myself to audition! There is usually one or two sound engineers in the booth, and then (if the director isnt there in person) he would direct you over headset! He couldnt see me, but he could hear me! (Those were fun because I got to imagine what the director looked like;))

MM: Your thoughts on Mikoto Minagi's character in Mai-HiME?

CM: I thought she was hilarious! I couldn't believe how much she loved food, but in reality, I think I love food JUST as much! I kept hoping she would one day find her brother

MM: With all of Mikoto's talk of food in the series, do you ever find yourself with a sudden craving during recording sessions?

CM: YES! And the only good thing to eat when recording, is an apple! It keeps your mouth from making slimy noises into the microphone! No chocolate before a session! Coats the vocal chords!

MM: Mikoto was involved in a lot of fight scenes throughout the entire series. Was it fun doing what voice actors nickname "foley". The recording of grunts, grrs, and panting during fight sequences and running scenes.

CM: I ALWAYS thought this was the hardest part! Usually just for one grunt, you need to record it three different ways, so they have options.. and eventually I would run out of grunt noises!

MM: Was Mikoto the only role you auditioned for or played in the series? Just in case you did additional voices here and there.

CM: Mikoto was the main one! I can't seem to recall any more!

MM: What was it like for the first few recordings, after getting to know the character of Mikoto better. In the later episodes, she gets a better understanding of friendship and love, in addition to feeling conflicted about her role as Reito's brother. Did you feel what she felt?
I definitely felt it. I wanted her to find her brother just as bad as she did. I think her relationship with Mai was genuine. I love Mikoto! She's charmingly nieve, yet so hard core! I would cook ramen for her too.

MM: Many voice actors say they never meet the rest of the cast since recordings are done individually. Did you end up meeting the rest of the cast like Cheryl McMaster (who voiced Natsuki) or Melanie Risdon (who voiced Shizuru)? In your case, you did a lot of scenes with Carol-Anne Day (who voiced Mai Tokiha).

Being two major characters, you both shared a lot of chemistry, despite not being in the share room.
Youre right! The only times we saw each other were in the green room before and after sessions! So you get to know them while there is down time or cross overs in recording times but that was it, which is too bad! And very ironic.

MM: Do you have any funny recording stories during work on Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome?

PRONUNCIATIONS! All the biggest laughs shared were always due to the way I would pronounce words. Sometimes it just comes out the wrong way!!!

MM: What was your favorite moment in the entire series? For both Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome.

My favorite moment was receiving the DVDS and finally watching them!!! Haha!! It was SOOO cool. My favorite moment in the show was when Mia and Mikoto first meet!

MM: Are you a hardcore fan of eating cake and ramen noodles? Maybe cake WITH ramen noodles? Oh god, just the thought made me throw up in my own stomach! XD

Hahaha, I do love spicy ramen *with out the cake thats for sure!!!!!!

MM: Have any of you read the manga or watched the original Japanese anime of the Mai-Series (HiME and Otome)?

I have seen what bits are on YouTube! But its always been on my to-do list.

MM: Did it feel awkward knowing your character loved in-between the breasts of the title character?

Mai and Mikoto sure have a special kind of relationship! Haha! It was weird at first! Having to make those reaction noises! But, she just likes a nice cuddle I guess!

MM: Do you own anything of My-HiME? There is plenty of cool merchandise out there, especially for Mikoto Minagi.

CM: No! I dont! I would love some but Ive never set out looking! I have the dvds, and some action figures from DBGT and Strawberry Marshmallow!

MM: Though Mikoto (now known as the Cat Goddess) didn't appear much in Mai-Otome, were you surprised to see this was the same Mikoto, only set in a different time and overall storyline? I only say this because Mai-Otome confused some fans thinking it was a direct sequel to HiME, so when they see their favorite characters in new roles, it's kinda awkward.

CM: Haha I agree! I was confused too. We only actually see the parts we record, so at first, I just thought I had missed an integral part of the story line that explained all that!

MM: Do you still keep contact with any of the other Mai-HiME/Otome voice actors/actresses?

CM: I do not, but I hope they're doing well!!

MM: Any advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in voice acting or acting in general?

CM: Get a reeeeaaally good voice demo made and get yourself a local voice over agent! But make sure they're legit, don't give over a single penny of your money until they have already booked you a job! I don't care what any one says, a good agent wont take any money, until you've booked a job. No agency fees, nothing!!!! Take a voice over class, get a demo, find agent! And don't give up! Its not easy, but if you really want to do it, you'll find a way!

MM: Are you a cat person or a dog person? If you're the latter, our fans will be shocked since you're Mikoto and all. LOL

CM: I am a dog person! I have a 7 year old dog, named PJ who lives with me in Toronto. He is the LOVE of my life. I am allergic to cats! Which sucks, cause I do love them, but my allergies... dont let me.

MM: There you have it! The hyperactive swords-girl HiME and master of the might Miroku. Please finish this interview off with a shout out to the fans of My-HiME and Mai-Otome who continue to support your work?

CM: THANK YOU GUYS! I am so flattered you thought of me, so thank YOU! Id be no where with out your support. I honestly believe in living your dreams, so If you find something you love, then do it. The world is a beautiful place, be kind, smile at strangers, and watch Mikoto snuggle some boobies!!!


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