Friday, November 12, 2010

My-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~ North American NEWS

Years before the events of My-Otome, there was a secret princess who would one day become the queen of Windbloom. Because members of the royal Windbloom bloodline can unlock the hidden powers of the old technology, Sifr Fran is pursued by Aswad and Schwarz, and even the Meister Otomes of Garderobe are under orders to kill her if she falls into enemy hands. Meister Otome Lena Sayers and her Otome friends must disobey orders if they are to save Sifr, but first Lena must release her true HiME powers with the help of the Blue Sky Saphire gem.

Special Features: Textless Endings.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with Noto Mamiko, the voice of Yukino Kikukawa

Voice actress for Yukino Kikukawa

Noto Mamiko

It's nice to have someone special. If there's one person in "My-HiME" I think that really applies to, it is certainly Yukino.

Yukino and Haruka seems like one person split in two. Even though they don't come off as girlfriends, I feel as though Yukino is always doing things for her precious Haruka.

She's gentle, clingy, timid...but even so, she's fighting to protect the person most dear to her.

I often wonder how scared she must be. losing someone who is as large a part of her as Haruka is would be much harder on a scared girl like her, which only deepens the bonds between them.

I find that aspect charming. I'm a little jealous, even...

Yukino's delicate, but there's still much that is strong inside her.

Though the story is much different in the manga, Yukino is still right there by Haruka's side.

I pray that no matter where those two go, they shall always remain together.


Broad work as a VA and in commercials and radio. main roles: Shimako Toudou in "Maria-sama is watching," Nina in "Monster" and Moa in "Sgt. Frog."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with Ryouka Yuzuki, the voice of Haruka Suzushiro

Ryouka Yuzuki

Haruka looks serious as a bit hysterical, but I really like how she tries her best, even if she looks kind of baka doing it "Her Way" when everyone's serious in a fight. (^_^) And she cries when it gets to the bitter, bitter end. I think she'd make a great cheerleader, giving everyone that never-say-die spirit.

I'm like her in the way she needs 5 or 10 tries what others do in three and saying, "Gotta keep going!" I don't have the guts for leadership like Haruka though. (^_^)

Haruka seems powerful in the manga, maybe because she has battle scenes. I like how the manga battles are totally different from those in the anime, too. Honestly, when no one knew who was a HiME in the TV show, manga fans were writing me saying "Haruka's a HiME, too" and I was like "Oh really!" I told the producers and they said they knew! I figured "She seems like a clueless airhead Enforcement Head but, she's actually a really cool HiME!" Well, not precisely...(^_^)

It's easy to imagine the voices when you've seen both the anime and manga, so see both and imagine my voice as Haruka's, okay? (^_^)


Roles include Li-Mei Fong in "Angel Links,"Marie in Sister Princess," Black Widow in "Beast Wars," and Minagi Tohno in "AIR."

My thoughts:

I love Ryouka-sama's performance as Haruka. She brings out that cute yet assertive toughness in Haruka. Underneath Haruka tough exterior lies the heart of a caring person. She is over the top and very rude, but she does take her role as executive director seriously. Everyone has something they're passionate about, you can't dislike Haruka for that! Her relationship with Yukino is where the character truly shines, it's where we see the REAL Haruka under that hard exterior. I believe Ryouka Yuzuki captured everything about the character perfectly. Guts baby. GUTS.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Natsuki no Prelude 2010

The story about everybody's favorite blunette doesn't just limit itself to the Mai-HiME anime series.

Natsuki no Prelude is about events that made the Kuga. And the Kuga who became a legend.

All new translation from our very own Midori Sugiura99 from Mai-Multiverse Forum. Only on ShizNat Webs. Anyone out there wanna translate Natsuki no Prelude in any language except for English and have it added to our page, you're more than welcome! Contact me here or by email:

For you English readers:

>> READ Natsuki no Prelude NOW!!! <<



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with the voice actress of Mikoto Minagi

Ai Shimizu

At first, I was really lost trying to do such a wild, boyish voice -- I had to be careful to make my voice low enough. Mikoto's so active and cute. She sure is sharp to fight and move like that. (~_~) plus, she fights for herself instead of yelling, "Kagutsuchi!" and stuff. I worried about bringing out the charisma of such a strong, serious fighter.

Mikoto likes cats, eating, sleeping, and big breasts. Hey, small's good too. (~_~) can't copy the hair, though; how does she do it? (~_~) She might be like me in how she asks about things she doesn't understand.

I feel that Mikoto's close-ups are more innocent in the manga than the anime. The anime's unfolding mystery was fun, but the manga's scenarios are interesting and action-packed. I especially love Haruka and Yukino's relationship. I think it came off well in the manga, too.

Reading My-Hime isn't enough, so go for the anime, the figures, and radio and become a "My-HiME, PH.D," (~_~)


Extensive work as TV and radio VA and singer such a Deraka ono in "Onegai Twins," Ren in "DearS," and drop in gag colors studio's "Croquette."


The over-the-top innocence of Mikoto couldn't of been brought to life without Ai Shimizu. Her performance is amazing, especially in fights scenes where she unleashes the most intense foley ever heard in anime. To those who don't know, foley is non-speaking sound effects performed by voice actors. This includes grunting, heavy breathing, moaning, coughing, sighing, laughing, etc. Watch the V/A extra in the seventh DVD volume of Noir, they'll explain it in better detail. ^_~ Anyway, Mikoto's emotional scenes, like when she broke down while eating Fumi's eating (Nobody likes your ramen, Fumi. lol). Those are the kind of scenes where Shimizu-san really makes us feel for Mikoto's character.

P.S. Don't worry, Shimizu-san. We love small boobs too. :3

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrating Mai-HiME Birthdays: Mai Tokiha and thoughts on Saeko Chiba!

Main heroine of Mai HiME has a birthday today and you're invited! ^_^ Mai Tokiha actually had her birthday celebrated in the anime, which was part of one of the best episodes in the series: Cake Wars!

Best wishes to the big breasted one! ^__^ We'll be posting birthday shout outs to her at Mai-Multiverse Forum

Since I missed out on my afterthoughts for Saeko Chiba, here it is for your reading pleasure:

Natsuki's distant and lone wolf ways were really felt with Saeko Chiba. Out of all the V/As in Mai-HiME, she really got into character as Natsuki. She hinted that it was overwhelming in the beginning, never playing a character like Natsuki in the past. Those dramatic moments with Shizuru is where Saeko steps up her game. As her character begins to slowly accept people in general, Saeko begins to open up as a Natsuki that's more sure of herself, with more love in her heart. Try hunting down her song "Kirei na Yume no Sono Hate Ni", one of my personal favorites from the Mai-HiME Character Vocal Album. Such a beautiful song, you won't regret it. ^_~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with the voice actress of Natsuki Kuga

Next up on our seiyuu interviews from TOKYOPOP, Saeko Chiba as Natsuki Kuga/Kruger!

At first, I was overwhelmed by a cool, but aggressive. Lone wolf character like Natsuki. I'm bad at decisive, cool lines, so we had a lot of re-recording. Her cuteness and other aspects became clearer; the role feels completely natural now.

Natsuki is distant, unable to talk softly to others, obsessively self-reliant, and very stingy. I think her heart finally opens because of her wonderful friends.

It seems backwards to me, but in the anime, the more fate hurts people, the closer their fates become, and the more fates binds them...I think that's what made every week compelling. I really had fun wondering what'd come to pass in the next episode.

The manga, with the same characters but a different plot and background, is interesting too. "Oh, that's what they did!" etc. In the manga Natsuki's so gentle. I can tell the manga characters are very faithful to the anime, probably because they studied our work a lot. Glad to read it.

I'm glad even those who haven't seen the show can "hear" our voices through reading.


Saeko Chiba: numerous stage/singing/voice-acting roles. Her 2nd album, "Everything" is in stores. Roles include Lapis-chan in "Tottoko ham taro" and Akiho Sudou in "Iria's sky, Ufo summer."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mai HiME seiyuu: Interview with the voice actress of Mai Tokiha

What you're about to read is an interview with the Japanese seiyuu of Mai Tokiha: Mai Nakahara! ^_^ Straight from the Mai HiME manga from TOKYOPOP.

Mai Tokiha-chan seems to me, most of all, a strong girl. Of course, she has her weaknesses, but she feels the pain of others. if I were into girls, she'd be my ideal girl. having a girl like Mai-chan as a close friend would be great, too -- I've grown quite fond of her.

Today, I recorded ep. 14. I feel that Mai and the others at the academy have grown and changed a great deal since the beginning. things haven't been all fun -- In fact, they were often quite difficult--but I feel that a strong girl like Mai-chan will overcome these things as part of the growing process.

When I first read the manga, I was totally shocked at how differently it was. "Why's Mai already at Fuuka Academy?" and "Huh, what's a key?" but the battle scenes were really cool, so I had lots of fun. The "I don't need a child, I'm fine with just an element" line stood out. I thought, "oh, that's too cool~~!"

Though the characters are the same, I think that doing the manga from a different point of view than the anime makes for twice the fun. For those who want even more "My HiME," make me happy and listen to the radio drama, too.

- Mai Nakahara


Nakahara is truly the essence of Mai Tokiha. Whenever she expresses happiness, concern, sorrow and loss, you can feel it. She delivers an amazing performance in every episode. My personal favorite moments were any time she became furious. More specifically, furious at Mikoto for causing Takumi's brief demise (thanks to the defeat of Gennai, Akira Okuzaki's Child). Also the moment Mai finally becomes honest with herself and says she loves Mikoto in episode 26. Truly an unforgettable performance in the V/A industry.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mai-HiME The Abridged Series

Hop on ma roller coaster!

These words echo through my mind every time my good friend Kara (MirokuSangoRule on You Tube) is around. It is the lyrics found in Mai-HiME The Abridged Series. Starting in late 2009, it's a renegade Mai-HiME anime parody/spoof/whatever you wanna call it. In similar fashion to Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged Series, Kara and her cast utilize their respective characters in a very wacky and disturbing manner. It's all done so well and the timing on the jokes is usually perfect. There are times when it sounds like they're very laid back during recording, yet it works in their favor. For the humor is so randomly outrageous. GothicPeach23 who I first heared play Shizuru in episode 2 said the word "harvest" in a most creepy fashion. XD

I think the most important element the MHA cast does is really exploit how ridiculous Mai HiME can be. Yes, we love the series to death and the best way to show your love is by poking fun at it. Since they're still in the Orphan arc, the typical monster-of-the-day episodes are easy targets. Most of them involve comedy and fanservice, which makes me wonder how they'll do the oh-so-serious Carnival arc. XD It'll be a while before that happens.

Possibly the best joke in the ENTIRE series: Episode 2, when Natsuki encounters Nagi outside of Fuuka Academy.

Nagi: You're no fun, that's why you have no friends.

Natsuki: I do!

Nagi: Lesbian rapists don't count.

XD OWN3D! Did I mention ScaryPotatoChips123's performance is strikingly similar to Graham Ko's Nagi from Bandai Entertainment's dub? O_O;

There has been backlash for the Abridged Series, the complaints mostly involve the cries of "too much cursing!". IMO, there's a when and where for swearing. It belongs in the Mai HiME Abridged world because it fits and compliments the overall "attitude" of the show. It's in your face and not taken seriously like a good comedy show should be.

They've recently begun, but they've made an entire planet laugh with their antics. Don't think they're doing this for no reason, the cast members I've met know their stuff and really love Mai HiME and Otome. Like I said, the best way to enjoy something you love is poking fun at it. There's a time and a place to discuss the series in a serious manner. When you're in Kara's upside down world of lesbians, mentally challenged sword wielders and fat teachers who love R. Kelly, prepare to be entertained.

Begin your twisted journey with Episode 1.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Luu Sky Sapphire Reviews Mai HiME EXA Chapter 3 and 4

Welcome readers! Here's my reviews of Mai-HIME EXA Chapter 3 and 4

Chapter 3: The struggle intensifies!

Kicking things off with a little ShizNat! Being worried about Natsuki, and probably knowing she has some sort of hidden agenda, Shizuru is left confused and alone. We quickly cut to where we left off in chapter 2, with Natsuki and Mai having their confrontation. A randomly placed panty shot soon follows XD. Natsuki makes it clear once again to Mai (as if we didn't know already...) that Takumi will die if her Child is defeated just like Akane was. Being told "you killed him" isn't something you want to hear. In the middle of the chapter, we are shown a flashback with her mother. It seems Natsuki is making the ritual of the HiME very clear to Mai, forcing her to decide between losing and protecting her most important person. With Kagutsuchi not doing so hot (must be Sunrise's counter to all the "Mary-Sue pet" claims), Natsuki orders Duran to fire directly into it's head. Uh oh...

This chapter didn't really advance the story aside from the quick flashback of Natsuki's past. It was just Natsuki giving Mai more warning and making an example out of Kagutsuchi. EXA Natsuki is one serious babe. The real highlight of this chapter for me (aside from our short ShizNat moment), is the battle art. It's absolutely stunning to see Duran and Kagutsuchi look so fierce and the action scenes are a visual marvel to behold. XD I'm still not used to Shizuru looking so young, btw. Kouteiryuu made her look more vulnerable...hard to explain.

Chapter 4: Kagutsuchi is defeated...!?

...psych. Natsuki didn't finish off Kagutsuchi, firing only a blank shot. These continued warnings towards Mai pressure her to protect Takumi. Ensuring his survival. Soon after, Mikoto arrives on the scene and almost dices Mai. So pleased with Mai's helpful ways, Mikoto declares her a big sister! *raises fist in the air* SO SHE CAN PROTECT HER! whee!

The next day, Mikoto runs into Mai again at her restaurant job. Midori wonders about her, even asking if she could be Mai's little sister. As if. Food isn't safe from Mikoto, eating everything in sight while Mai works. Pre-tty annoying for poor Mai who took her job too seriously. To help get her mind off work, Midori brought up an open invitation to the Tamayura Festival. Midori's vast history knowledge explains the event as a maiden's sacrifice ordered by the ruthless Obsidian Prince. Fear and folklore, perhaps? Not to Mai, it all sounded too familiar.

Later on, Midori runs into an unexpected visitor. Who defeats her and Gakutenou rather quickly, in hopes of protecting a certain princess of ice.

Better. Much better. It's not just [spoiler]Shizuru's arrival[/spoiler] either, we're treated to Mai understanding a little more about what the HiME are all about. So it'll be interesting to see where they take her with this. It was also nice to see some humor with Mikoto going around with her health appetite, I was worried it would get too serious like the Festival/Carnival arc in the anime. Maintaining that balance helps get the viewer distracted. Not expecting the unexpected. It happens to me with Midori and her confrontation near the end. My only nitpick is the contest was over in the blink of an eye. Very disappointed considering it was a dream match of mine. If it continues like this, then perhaps the ShizNat fans have spoken! ;) You'll see.

To download Mai-HiME EXA Chapter 3 and 4, visit Mai-Multiverse Forum.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My review for Mai-HiME EXA Chapter 2!

Oh Akane, why does this always happen to you? Picking up from Akane's early defeat (again. Come on now, she's not hard to write for! >_> Bungholes.), the buzz surrounding her and Kazuya spreads all over Fuuka Academy. I believe all blame can be placed on the shoulders of the queen of gossip, Chie Harada. ^_^ Mai is called into the Student Council room to be interrogated by loud mouth Haruka. It is here that we get a nice introduction by our very own Shizuru Fujino. Luckily Mai's straightness didn't budge. ;p With an investigation under way (with no proof of Mai's involvement), Mai continues her day with more Chie gossip and work. Oh Midori-chan, why must you be lie about your age...again. XD So Mai heads back home and feeds a starving Mikoto once again. Mikoto disappears again with Mai searching for her. Did I mention we get a nice Mai panty shot in the garden scene? :3 There she meets Reito Kanzaki again, our suspicious playboy. Natsuki shows up and stalks Mai, nagging some more about being a HiME. Only this time, Natsuki decides to put Mai's skills to the test. Enter Duran out Mai!!! It's a cliffhanger!!!

Seeing Mai get questioned in the Student Council room brought back memories of the 2nd episode of the Mai-HiME anime. Kouteiryuu really seems to love Mai Tokiha, paying close attention to detail every time there's a close up of her face. Such cuteness, like whenever she's around Reito. The extra blushy Mai of EXA still looks younger than she should be, which kinda throws me off at times. XD Moe girls are not my cup of tea. I have to say that Shizuru's introduction was a beautifully drawn shot, her face is so pretty doncha think? X3

Overall, I enjoyed Chapter 2 regardless of being riddled with tons of deja vu-ness from the anime. I'll be back with my reviews of both Chapter 3 and 4. ^_~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mai-HiME EXA English Chapter 4 is now available for download!

The 4th chapter of the new Mai-HiME manga has been released! You can get it at Mai-Multiverse Forum

Enjoy! If I have time, I will post a review of it. Two of my favorite HiME have a neat confrontation. ^_^ You don't wanna miss this!

Editing: Luu Sky Sapphire
Translation: Midori "Vicky" Sugiura

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebrating Mai-HiME Birthdays: Miyu Greer!

Even though the blog time doesn't say it's the 4th yet...


Celebrating M.I.Y.U. and America's Birthday together! Now that deserves a salute! ^0^/

Friday, June 11, 2010

My review of Mai-HiME EXA Chapter 1

I recently reviewed the first chapter of Mai-HiME EXA, which you can download in English translation at Mai-Multiverse:

Editing: Luu Sky Sapphire
English Translation: Midori "Vicky" Sugiura

Here is my review of Mai-HIME EXA Chapter one:

After an interesting prelude, we're introduced to main heroine Mai Tokiha. Looking much better and happier than she did in the original manga. There's no boat scene this time, which is a good change from the anime (you can't capture that awesome debut battle between Mikoto and Natsuki again, it's impossible). Instead, we get Mai (and a beautiful pantsu shot) already at Fuka Academy. Natsuki makes her appearance early to talk riddles about the HiME star. Did I see Shizuru staring at our ice-princess? ^_~

Mai takes it upon herself to tour the school, and eventually bumps into Reito Kanzaki (resident bishonen and soon-to-be Obsidian Lord, no da.) We get one of those cliche "awkward" moments, with more pantsu shots for the taking. ^_^ Yum. Once Mai reaches her classroom, she makes her introduction and Midori makes her random appearance as well.

As Mai heads home from school, she bumps into Hari (Akane's Child) with Mikoto arriving at the scene...accidentally locking lips with Mai. Brief, but a much better moment than the CPR scene from the anime. Hari makes a getaway and Mikoto suddenly guessed it...hungry. BAM! Her face lands right in-between Mai's melons. Ahh, those classic moments return. Mai and Mikoto spend some time together (the gratuitous bath scene, every Mai incarnation would be naked without them. Again, no pun intended.) The fanservice ends when Hari returns with Mikoto chasing after him again. Akane Higurashi attacks Mikoto, looking freaked out, repeating Kazuya's name. The most important person.

In the middle of the battle, Mai's powers awaken. Kagutsuchi makes the scene! Sorry Akane, looks like her horse is bigger than your horse. Sadly, my rantings of Akane being overlooked didn't reach the atmosphere, as Akane is defeated once again. Kazu...

Overall thoughts:

Mai-HiME EXA feels familiar, but that's the idea. As much as I loved Sato Kenetsu's more powerful artwork for the characters, Kouteiryuu's art is cuter and just right. It's nice to see Mikoto and Akane tangle as well. ^_~ I'll be reviewing chapter two soon, so watch for that!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mai-HiME EXA Manga translated in English!

Chapter 1 and 2 of new Mai-HIME Manga/Comic (Mai-HiME EXA) has been translated for your reading pleasure! ^_~ Here's the trailer as a sneak peek:

You can download both chapters at:

Mai-Multiverse Forum


Editing - Luu Sky Sapphire (me)
Translation - Midori "Vicky" Sugiura

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The action in Mai Otome compared to Mai HiME

Recently I've posted a thread about the advantages Mai Otome has over it's more popular predecessor. So much to go over in time, but I will mention what I typed up:

I'll begin with the first element that makes Mai Otome better. A minor one which we boys like to pay attention to a lot: The action. The fights are a lot more epic in Otome. Faster, more destructive and drawn out (in a good way, mind you). This is all a good thing as Sunrise provided a good story to support/compliment the action. When a battle happens in anime, there has to be reason as to why it's happening. Not like in DBZ or Naruto where they're fighting for the sake of fighting. Mai Otome has reasons for their battles (jealousy, end of a friendship, turncoat taking over, etc.) and when they unfold, it's an eye opener of epic proportions. Certain fights like the Midori and Meister Shizuru's scuffle were so damn good. It also helps that Mai Otome has more "scope" than HiME, with it's castle, deserts, and vast city atmosphere. But I'll get to that with my next post. ^_^

Yeah, basically. XD I do find HiME the better of the two, but I think a majority of fans sell Mai Otome short. The drama isn't as strong and the characters didn't touch everyone on a personal level. But! Mai Otome is still a roller coaster ride of drama and action. Along with lovable new characters. Come on, Arika Yumemiya is one of the greatest animated characters that ever existed! When I consider her "Sailor Moon 2.0", I meant it. She has that lovable personality which is thrust in a uphill battle where she must prove herself worthy and eventually becomes the best there is. In her case, a great Otome. That was her dream and she achieved it! ^_^

Friday, May 21, 2010

The grand opening of the Mai Multiverse blog!

^_^ You can never branch out enough.

Hey all you Mai HiME and Mai Otome fans! I'm Luu and it's a pleasuring meeting you all. I hope you will enjoy my blog, which will focus on my thoughts on the Mai series. Including any news I happen to run into.

You can catch me on the following websites most of the time: (Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga "ShizNat" fansite) (Mai HiME and Mai Otome Community Forum)

I'm also on...


^_^ Have fun and I'll see you soon! Support Mai fandom!