Saturday, May 22, 2010

The action in Mai Otome compared to Mai HiME

Recently I've posted a thread about the advantages Mai Otome has over it's more popular predecessor. So much to go over in time, but I will mention what I typed up:

I'll begin with the first element that makes Mai Otome better. A minor one which we boys like to pay attention to a lot: The action. The fights are a lot more epic in Otome. Faster, more destructive and drawn out (in a good way, mind you). This is all a good thing as Sunrise provided a good story to support/compliment the action. When a battle happens in anime, there has to be reason as to why it's happening. Not like in DBZ or Naruto where they're fighting for the sake of fighting. Mai Otome has reasons for their battles (jealousy, end of a friendship, turncoat taking over, etc.) and when they unfold, it's an eye opener of epic proportions. Certain fights like the Midori and Meister Shizuru's scuffle were so damn good. It also helps that Mai Otome has more "scope" than HiME, with it's castle, deserts, and vast city atmosphere. But I'll get to that with my next post. ^_^

Yeah, basically. XD I do find HiME the better of the two, but I think a majority of fans sell Mai Otome short. The drama isn't as strong and the characters didn't touch everyone on a personal level. But! Mai Otome is still a roller coaster ride of drama and action. Along with lovable new characters. Come on, Arika Yumemiya is one of the greatest animated characters that ever existed! When I consider her "Sailor Moon 2.0", I meant it. She has that lovable personality which is thrust in a uphill battle where she must prove herself worthy and eventually becomes the best there is. In her case, a great Otome. That was her dream and she achieved it! ^_^

Friday, May 21, 2010

The grand opening of the Mai Multiverse blog!

^_^ You can never branch out enough.

Hey all you Mai HiME and Mai Otome fans! I'm Luu and it's a pleasuring meeting you all. I hope you will enjoy my blog, which will focus on my thoughts on the Mai series. Including any news I happen to run into.

You can catch me on the following websites most of the time: (Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga "ShizNat" fansite) (Mai HiME and Mai Otome Community Forum)

I'm also on...


^_^ Have fun and I'll see you soon! Support Mai fandom!