Thursday, July 22, 2010

Celebrating Mai-HiME Birthdays: Mai Tokiha and thoughts on Saeko Chiba!

Main heroine of Mai HiME has a birthday today and you're invited! ^_^ Mai Tokiha actually had her birthday celebrated in the anime, which was part of one of the best episodes in the series: Cake Wars!

Best wishes to the big breasted one! ^__^ We'll be posting birthday shout outs to her at Mai-Multiverse Forum

Since I missed out on my afterthoughts for Saeko Chiba, here it is for your reading pleasure:

Natsuki's distant and lone wolf ways were really felt with Saeko Chiba. Out of all the V/As in Mai-HiME, she really got into character as Natsuki. She hinted that it was overwhelming in the beginning, never playing a character like Natsuki in the past. Those dramatic moments with Shizuru is where Saeko steps up her game. As her character begins to slowly accept people in general, Saeko begins to open up as a Natsuki that's more sure of herself, with more love in her heart. Try hunting down her song "Kirei na Yume no Sono Hate Ni", one of my personal favorites from the Mai-HiME Character Vocal Album. Such a beautiful song, you won't regret it. ^_~

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